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Structural part > High Performance Ceramic Knife
High Performance Ceramic Knife
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商品编号: 120000395 品牌: TARSO
产品类别: Structural part 产品重量:(g) 790.00
结构件型号: 产品颜色: white
材料: ZrO2 使用特性:
长度:(mm) 宽度:(mm)


Ceramic knives have a wear-resistant, high-density, high hardness, nonporous, not filth, not rust, no metallic taste cut food residue, thin and sharp, easy to cut and easy to handle, easy to clean, etc., has many metal cutting tools can not replace features.


High-tech fields from aerospace to industrial areas, ceramic knives in recent years has been widely used in civilian areas. Ceramic knives fully reflects the popularity of modern society, new materials, environmental protection, environmental protection reflects the new fashion, is the human pursuit of environmental protection, health, a reflection of the high quality of life; NTMALL ceramic tool lightweight and beautiful, fine polish thoroughly, elegant, stylish and practical .



Ceramic knives have a wear-resistant, high-density , high hardness, nonporous , not filth , non-metallic casting will not rust , no metallic taste cut food residue , thin and sharp , easy to cut and easy to handle , easy to clean , etc. with many metal tool can not replace features.
Ceramic knife hardness of 9 , second only to the world's hardest substance ─ ​​─ Diamond ( 10 ) , so long as the use does not fall to the ground without external impact , do not chop or cut , under normal use is not permanent need sharpening . Based on security considerations , manufacturers are generally mixed with metal powder in the blade , so that metal detectors can detect ceramic knives .
Ceramic knives are not suitable for cooking but need to cut , chop food , so in addition to the ingredients of hard bones , coarse Fishbone ...... not suitable for outside use ceramic knives dishes , other issues such as frozen meat , vegetables, fruit pulp , sashimi, bamboo shoots ( excluding housing ) , meat, seafood , shellfish ...... without the shell and other non- rigid food can be used. The casting of conventional metal cutters, because the surface has numerous pores, and therefore the food ingredients have pores remaining in the broth , and the food ingredients have a metal tool trace metal elements , metallic taste or odor formation ; the ceramic knife density is quite high, so the surface is nonporous and ceramic materials development, there will be no metallic taste or smell .
[Main features ]:
◆ high hardness , high wear resistance . Use of high-tech aerospace special high-temperature ceramic made ​​, only slightly lower than the hardness of diamond .
◆ blade sharp, no longer wear , extremely durable .
◆ corrosion , leaving iron smell , never rust, easy to clean. Will not bring the smell for food.
◆ non-toxic, health and environmental protection. The surface density , it is not easily contaminated food juice , reduce the chance of bacteria . Ceramic knives powerful antibacterial function , ideal for cutting food can be eaten food. Is the best tool care of the healthy development of infants and young children .
◆ green tool to keep food color, flavor . Material is chemically stable , healthy environment. Resistant to a variety of organic acid corrosion , does not react with any food . Very suitable for cutting fresh sashimi , fruit , vegetables, boneless and cooked food .
◆ color, rounded, white, jade texture, added a noble enjoyment.
◆ ceramic knives should be compatible with wood and bamboo cutting boards used. Used in conjunction with antibacterial cutting board better , but should be avoided in the stone chopping block . Do not make it subject to high temperatures. Do not use high-temperature sterilization Xiaoduwangui (handle not heat ) .
◆ ceramic knife due to the special properties, hardness only to diamond , so when handling food do not use it when chopping knife , and should avoid drop or external impact , preventing the blade falls, so as to avoid chipping or fracture of ceramic blades . Ceramic knife can be used for cutting, cutting , etc., but not for chopping , smashing, prying , tick . In particular can not be used to cut the bone and cut frozen foods.
◆ After using the tool , you can use water and detergent wash , dry naturally after washing finished it can be placed on a knife in the tool box or collection .
◆ blade itself is sharp and easy to cut your hands , storage should be especially careful , you should pay attention not to touch children in order to avoid misuse.
◆ ceramic knife handle more and more types have abs + tpr, ceramic , acrylic , wood, different handle , giving a different experience !
Ceramic tool for the modern kitchen , with a series of metal knife unmatched advantages of :
1 , care of the healthy development of infants and young children
Infants fragile stomach , body resistance is poor, then feeding fruits, vegetables and meats should avoid contact with the bacteria , in order to avoid discomfort . Ceramic knife with its unique material advantages, fully dense material baked produce non-porous , non-metallic effective against specific bacteria breeding , protecting the baby in the process of cutting the food from contamination of food , care of the baby grow up healthy. The ceramic knife cooking tool as a baby after weaning is the best option .
2 , never sharpening , lasting sharpness
Relatively soft metal such as stainless steel knives in use for some time will appear sharpness drop passivated phenomenon. Ceramic knife is different, it has an unparalleled sharp blade , to cut out the meat as thin as paper . Precision Ceramics with superior hardness and wear resistance , hardness comparison table displays according to its hardness only to diamond. According to tests , precision ceramic wear resistance is 60 times that of ordinary kitchen knife , no grinding, look as new .
3 , locked nutrition
In using ceramic knife carnivorous films, we will be surprised to find that the gravy does not flow , it is because both thin and sharp ceramic knife , cut it in the process of eating meat is not oppressive to the texture , retained intact nutritional food. We use it to cut food rich in fruit juice effect is more obvious, it allows us to enjoy every delicious nutrient-rich foods .
4 , anti-oxidation, no odor
When using a metal knife food , some foods prone to oxidation , which will greatly undermine the original food taste delicious . Some foods can not even eat with a metal knife to avoid chemical reaction to produce harmful substances harmful to health. Ceramic knives effectively avoid the occurrence of the above , it is born to the material advantages, does not react chemically with any food , maintaining the original pure flavor of the food , allowing you to experience the heart and soul brought delicious food to enjoy . ( Ceramic knife is ideally suited for cutting fresh sashimi , fruit , vegetables, boneless and cooked )
5 , thoughtful design , effortless
Ceramic knife handle carefully designed according to human engineering , not only taking into account the actions and efforts of the cooking time , and the realization of the curve shape and stability of the handle , which makes the operation stable center of gravity , the perfect cut food with ease !
6 , precision ceramics , tough quality
Excellent non-metallic ceramic knife , it has never rust qualities, do not worry about the residual water stains make rusty blade . When bought with a new steel or clean off after being corroded steel , will find use it to cut off the smell of food brought to the iron , steel exudes this is because metal ions are attached to food on , it will eat up a metallic taste , good taste mouth suddenly disappear. And this phenomenon will not appear on the ceramic knife , enjoy the food authentic hundred hundred !
7, to avoid food odor irritation of the eyes
People like to eat onions, but the fear of cutting an onion , because steel knife onion , vegetable than the human eye often tears . Ceramic knife onion, onion juice will not let stimulus to the eye , people can enjoy favorite foods !
8 , environmental health
Ceramic knives can withstand a variety of organic acid , but not fruits and vegetables acids and oils are corrosive, non-toxic, non-polluting, no oxidation, corrosion , environmental health is an ideal tool . Regardless of what used to cut , there will be the taste of food left on the knife , not odor, this is another tool unparalleled advantage !
9 , lightweight fiber beauty , enjoy the fun of the kitchen
America has a lightweight fiber ceramic tool posture . Compared with ordinary metal cutting tools , ceramic knives in the course will be more relaxed smoothly, even if the process is still extremely difficult job of cutting performance and ease. The tool weighs only half the weight of similar metal tool , prolonged use , not because the tool is too heavy, causing wrist pain, cut food more lightweight , kitchen fun and enjoy !
10 , swept the election in the U.S., Europe, Japan and South Korea , the quality of life
Ceramic knives on the market , once launched, will by many foreign consumers, has been indispensable to every household kitchen .
Enjoy the quality of life for the elite , the ceramic knife is the best choice .
A product has its advantages must have its drawbacks, ceramic knives , too, because the sintered ceramic knives are made ​​from zirconium oxide , by the nature of products, raw materials determines its hardness is 9 , but more brittle , low toughness can not be cut hard, high drop easily chipping , chipping or breakage , ceramic knife can not cut it , smashing , prying , tick , etc. ; although in recent years due to the technology continues to improve , have improved in this regard, which are can not fundamentally solve the inherent nature of the product , plus ceramic knives in the processing of the model with a large diamond wheel ground knife, thinner , more brittle ; then they installed a handle, increase the weight , drop capability also weakened. So we use ceramic knife , use it to avoid its short length .
1 , the blade itself is sharp and easy to cut your hands , storage should be especially careful , you should pay attention not to touch children in order to avoid misuse ;
2 , ceramic knives should be compatible with wood , bamboo cutting board , chopping boards used in conjunction with antibacterial better , but should be avoided in the stone chopping block , do not make it subject to high temperatures, do not use high-temperature sterilization Xiaoduwangui ( not handle heat ) ;
3, to avoid drop or external impact ;
1, in the process of cutting of Do not twist the knife ;
2 Do not cut with ceramic knife frozen ( or completely thawed ) foods , raw rice cakes with flesh and fish, crabs and other hard objects ;
3, do not wash ceramic knives in the dishwasher , or in water with detergent , dry naturally ;
4 , please use extra attention on the blade section , the blade is extremely sharp ;
5, please stay away from children , the children can not come into contact with a kitchen knife into place custody, in order to avoid accidental injury ;
6 , use a wooden or plastic chopping board , avoid use on stone chopping block ;
7 , do not let the knife throwing knife broken at high altitude ;
8 , do not knifed , chop , knock, pry , fell and hit , do not use the knife as a lever ;
9 , the ceramic knife on the knife , knife block or other stable environment ;
10 , do not try for yourself sharpening ;
11 , do not place the knife away from the fire source too close to avoid a plastic handle and therefore deformation ;
12 , the blade portion is dirty , stained , etc. available kitchen soaked with bleach. Do not wipe clean with a metal ball , there may be scratched metal , or because of the role of metal powders cause the blade black.